February 19 and 20, 2023 marked the 7th annual Project Witness Holocaust Educators’ Conference on the topic, The Untold Plight: the Sephardic Communities during the Holocaust.

This memorable conference handled a topic that has been rarely addressed. Certainly, the lectures and video presentations were thought-provoking and sobering and reinforced the importance of Holocaust education, particularly in our time. It is our privilege to offer you access to the entire conference. We trust that you will be as touched and moved by the presentations are we are.

Day One

Mrs. Blimie Twerski & Mrs. Ruth Lichtenstein, Director of Project Witness

Rabbi Joey Haber Rabbi of Magen David Synagogue, Brooklyn, NY
“Endurance Of Or People: Despite It All”

Dr. Noam Stillman, Chairman for the Academic Council of the Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa, University of Oklahoma
“Touched By The Winds of War: Mideast Jewry During WWII”

Edwin Black Award winning historian and author, investigative journalist, Washington DC. “The Farhud”

Dr. Joseph Benatov, University of Pennsylvania
“The Miracle of Bulgarian Jews During the Holocaust”

Documentary: “A Matter of Time: Common Fate. The Story of Tunisian Jews During the Holocaust”
Dr. Michael Berenbaum Sigi Ziering Institute.
“The Greek Tragedy: A Tale of Two Cities”

Day Two

Rabbi Shlomo Churba. Rabbi of Congregation Shaare Rahamim in Midwood, Brooklyn
“The Unique Heritage of the Sephardic Syrian Community”

Dr. Michael Berenbaum. Sigi Ziering Institute
“Sonderkommandos: Why They Were Chosen”

A Matter of Time: Common Fate
The Story of Libyan Jews During the Holocaust
Mr. Eddie Chalom, Midwood New York
“What Happened to My Syrian Grandparents”

May Your Memory Be Love. Witness and Education Project Documentary. The Story of Survivor Ovadia Baruch