Welcome to The Neshama Project!

This program is for boys from fifth through eighth grades. Please review the guidelines before registering your school.

  1. Each boy will receive a “passport” with the name (and father’s name), picture and basic information of a child that was killed in the Holocaust. He will also receive a brochure with instructions to learn Mishnayos l’iluy nishmas that child and how to use the phone system. 
  2. A toll free phone system has been set up for each boy to keep track of Mishnayos learned. Fifth and sixth graders will be issued one raffle ticket for each perek learned. Seventh and eighth graders will receive one ticket for every two perakim learned.
  3. Boys will be entered into weekly raffles automatically, and winners will be notified through their school.
  4. Any Mishnayos learned outside of class time is counted, including reviewing what was learned in class.

Please register below for your school to receive the proper amount of brochures. Enter the amount of grades and number of children in each grade. If you have any questions please call (845) 300-1941 or email info@mja.mao.mybluehost.me.

Project Witness Children of the Holocaust
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