A delegation of Zaka volunteers from Tel Aviv is currently working in the city of Brest (Brisk in Yiddish), Belarus, to bury the remains of hundreds of Holocaust victims, who were found in a mass grave discovered on a construction site in the city.

In the piles of dirt taken out of the grave by the authorities, the volunteers found bones, clothes, shoes, wallets and personal belongings of the murdered, who were left there to die. According to the delegation, this is one of the most horrifying findings found from the Holocaust, a direct testimony to the execution of the Jews of the Brisk Ghetto by the Nazis.

Despite the experience of the Zaka volunteers, the members of the delegation in Brest were horrified by the findings and are now working around the clock to bring whatever can be to proper burial.

Brest was the first settlement in the Soviet Union that was attacked by the Nazis at the beginning of Operation Barbarossa in the summer of 1941. Immediately upon entering the city at the end of June 1941, the Germans murdered thousands of Jewish men.

In the autumn of that year, the Jews of the city were transferred to ghettos, and almost all were murdered at mass execution sites around the city. Hashem yikom damam!