By Joseph Lorenzo
WHSAD/Junior ELA Spring 2020
Mr. Rodriguez


The thought of killing thousands of people is horrific, 

Based on religion and description.

Deadly gas was forced on them like a prescription, wasn’t their decision.

Safety and making it out alive was their mission. 


Praying to God, wishing to be saved, instead of being in a camp enslaved.

They had faith that God’s decision was made,

Sadly, many lost their mothers, brothers, fathers and sisters.  May 

their souls rest easy; may they live in eternal happiness, peacefully. 


Things shall get better and fear can be left in the past,

Learning to avoid this in the future because it will be the last.

This piece is to remember those we lost and the saved; 

People are fine the way they are. Humans should not to be ridiculed because of  

Race and religion. Never forget those murdered and enslaved.