Afternoon Session

Morning Session

List Of Speakers

Rabbi Yossi Weiser
Noted Holocaust Educator Ramaz High School, NYC

Dr. Michael Berenbaum
World-renowned Holocaust Historian Director of the Sigi Ziering Institute, LA
Were Our Grandparents Right, “It’s Hard to Be a Jew”?

Rabbi Warren Goldstein
Chief Rabbi of South Africa
Navigating the Challenge of Standing Against Your Government

Rabbi Aubrey Hersh
London-based Senior Lecturer and Projects Director at the JLE
Yishmael VS Yisrael

Rabbi Berel Lazar
Chief Rabbi of Russia
Today’s Response in Russia

Rabbi Efrem Goldberg
Rabbi of BRS Synagogue, FL
October 8th Judaism – Proud and Practicing Jews

Dr. Avinoam Patt
Director, Center for Judaic Studies University of Connecticut
Professor of Holocaust Studies at NYU
Why the Jews? Confronting Antisemitism on Campus

Rabbi Michael Schudrich
Chief Rabbi of Poland
Poland and Antisemitism, Then and Now

Dr. Norman Blumenthal
Family Director of Trauma and Crisis Intervention for 0HEL, NYC
Helping Our Children Cope With Today’s Reality