Since September, 2012, Project Witness has joined in an educational partnership with Rebbetzin Sora Bulka and The New Seminary, located in Brooklyn, New York. Together, Project Witness and the New Seminary offer a college-level course titled History of the Holocaust. The two-semester course is taught by a highly-qualified, expert history instructor and is based on Witness to History, the landmark Holocaust history text developed and edited by Mrs. Ruth Lichtenstein and published by Project Witness. Frequently enhanced by outstanding guest lecturers, every classroom session is carefully crafted. In particular, special attention is devoted to Holocaust history teaching methods, enabling students to learn the techniques of shaping a Holocaust history curriculum.

For full-time students registered at The New Seminary, this course earns them full college credit and is accepted toward the fulfillment of requirements for an undergraduate degree from Adelphi University. Individuals who are not full-time students of The New Seminary are nevertheless permitted to enroll as non-matriculated students. While they do not receive college credits for the course, they will, upon satisfactory completion of all course requirements, receive a certificate of completion from Project Witness and The New Seminary. It is envisioned that such a certificate will be valued by schools and educational institutions as they seek qualified teachers to expand their Holocaust Education programs. One of the primary purposes of this course is to encourage students to serve as the disseminators of Holocaust history to future generations.